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Bada 1.2 Firmware Leaked for Samsung Wave S8500

Posted on October 6th, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive, featured. 16 comments

Official Bada 1.2 firmware soon to be released on Samsung Wave S8500? A leaked firmware update was just popped out on SamsungFirmwareWorld, the software update has Bada 1.2 inside with a version of S8500XXJID.

No detail change log are available now, it looks like Swype has been included in this version and some users feel that the OS is more responsive after the S8500XXJID update. The new firmware installation required a third party tool. Although you can flash it on any S8500, this version is specific for Europe released. It is best for you to wait for the official roll out through the Samsung Kies software.

  • Alex

    One help please:
    A Samsung Wave manufactured in a country lets you download and run applications available on App Samsung from another country, or we are limited by the country store. Example: Wave manufactured in Brazil would download and run an application available on the App Portugal. Has anyone done this kind of test?

  • sa71

    I have tried downloading free applications from multiple country sites, and it did work every time. Just go on any country site, click on an application you want to download, and your Kies software will be activated in a little while. This activation of the Kies is automatically done done buy some Java application that most people already have on their PC-s. If you do not have it, you will be prompt to download it. Everything after is the same.
    However, when it comes to paid application, you will have to have an account and the payment information on that particular country application store.
    I hope it helps.

  • Osagie

    Please I live in Russia. I tried updating the firmware for my s8500 via kies. and i am told that my phone is not upgradable. why is this?

  • Alex

    Thanks Sa71. But I checked with Samsung and Wave of Brazil is the S8500B. There is also the S8500M, among others. An application from Samsung UK for example, is not installed on the Wave of Brazil (S8500B) unfortunately.

  • http://gmail sks

    why the fuck ,,,,,,, they r not givinn to indian wave s8500 to upgrade 1.2////////// is ther any problem ?

  • bs21

    os: bada is the worst os i have ever known

  • Sany

    I don’t bloody understand why they take so much time to release this update when they already have it ready with Wave 2, I am sure because of these kind of delays, samsung will loose most of wave fans and many prospective wave owners. I am starting to think should I dump this and go and get a android for their sincere update releases. Samsung are worst when it comes to updates and I am not sure when they are going to wake up instead of sitting there and releasing different models out on the streets

  • Sdbjr007

    @Sany it their strategy I guess. They want to build up the anticipation before the’ll finally release it to their consumers. . . just my own opinion though

  • Benito E. Lim

    is there any easy way to update my 1.0 to 1.2?

  • Fayazahd05

    yar agar kisi ku succefullll hogaya to plsss muje b batado waise is vertion me aur us vertion me kiya different hoga

  • Karkar_5275

    when i update my firmware it says ir requires 3000 mb disc space,but the internal memory of my phone is only 400 mb

  • Kerin

    Really informative post…………

  • Coolom1983

    Hi guys, I have flashed my phone with bada 1.2 latest realese ddkd1.just go the badaforum and read how to flash your phone. Its more easy to flash. The only problem with bada os 1.2 is that it does not allow the spoofing of applications. So you can not enjoy hd games unless you buy it. Need some hack for it.

  • Manchau

    I upgraded BADA from 1.0 to 1.2 around a month back. Since then I am facing lot of problems. Cell phone gets restarted many times while operating…. also my default facebook app got uninstall… 

  • Fahad

    i cant upgrade the firmware of my wave s8500 from 1.0 to 1.2 …i followed the instruction of kies..upgradin starts but it doesnt progress and after sometime shows “the operation has timed out” i am very much frustrated i have tried it more than 30 times but same thing is happening…plz help !!!!

  • Cecilkhoaseb

    My firmware does not upgrate dont know wht im doing wrong tryed to follow instructions plz help. Its a 8500 model