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AT&T Unveils 6 New Devices for Text Messaging

Posted on March 30th, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive, featured. 2 comments

AT&T today announced a fresh new lineup of smartphones and messaging phones that make it easier for customers to message with friends and family and manage their business and personal lives on-the-go. These new models are not available immediately but will be released soon in next few weeks. In the smartphone category, AT&T debuted the Nokia E71x and the Samsung Propel Pro, powered by Symbian OS and Windows Mobile 6.1. In addition, the Samsung ImpressionTM and Samsung Magnet, and LG Xenon and Neon expands the number of full-keyboard mobile phones in AT&T’s lineup to seven.


The thinnest smartphone on the market, the Nokia E71x, will be available in the coming weeks for $99.99 and features a black steel finish and award-winning design. The Nokia smartphone, based on S60 on Symbian OS offers the Wi-Fi and the flexibility of many Symbian-based applications, in addition to AT&T’s most popular services, including AT&T Navigator. The Nokia E71x is just 10 millimeters thin and will turn heads when you text friends, or check your corporate or personal email.


The Samsung Propel Pro, a full-QWERTY silver and chrome compact slider smartphone with Windows Mobile 6.1 allows users to run full enterprise applications on the same platform they use to text and send photos. Evolving from the popular Samsung PropelTM, business users and consumers looking for a full-feature smartphone with Wi-Fi will look to the Propel Pro, available in April for $149.99.


Featuring a AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display screen, the Samsung Impression is paired with a keyboard underneath an amazingly slim, metallic blue quick messaging phone that’s all touch screen on the outside, all buttons on the inside. On sale for $199.99, the Impression has an included 3.0 megapixel camcorder-capable camera, 3.2-inch screen and full browser to maximize every pixel of color.


A quick messaging phone boasting a full keypad for text messaging beneath its vibrant colors and large touch screen display with customizable and intuitive user interface, the 3G-powered LG Xenon snaps 2.0 megapixel photos and offers the full suite of AT&T entertainment services such as AT&T Navigator, Napster Mobile, eMusic Mobile, and more. Xenon will be available in three colors: black, blue and red for $99.99.


Teens and text-happy adults will enjoy the LG Neon, a low-cost touch screen device available in the coming weeks. The green and white quick messaging phone features a full keyboard, 2.0 megapixel camera, and access to Instant Messaging, Mobile Email, AT&T Music, and the mobile Internet.


The Samsung Magnet is an incredibly slim orange and black bar-shaped device that will appeal to teens who need a low-cost, quick messaging phone. The Magnet features a WAP browser and integrated camera in its sleek package and will be offered at an affordable price in the coming weeks.

Samsung Impression and Propel Pro will arrive in AT&T stores on April 7 and 14, respectively, and the LG Xenon will go on sale on April 8. The Nokia e71x, LG Neon and Samsung Magnet will be available in the following weeks.

[via slashgear]

  • ethanj1

    i am getting the Magnet this summer and my sister is gettin the Neon also this summer your site was really helpful

  • alex

    omg i really want the magnet!!!!
    i have the pantech matrix…i dislike it….it was to bulky and i want a slim phone that i dont have to slide for texting. and it will be good for school so i can lock my text mssges and if it gets taken up they cant see them!!!! :)