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AT&T Tries to Fix Reputation and Asks You to “Rethink Possible”

Posted on April 9th, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

Before the launch of the iPhone, back when AT&T was still known as Cingular, there weren’t many arguments about the company’s wireless coverage. Sure, there were people out there displeased with the service as a whole, especially those legacy AT&T customers of yesteryear, but there’s no way you’ll make everyone happy. But, when the iPhone hit, and millions of people picked one up, everything changed. For lack of a better term, the network dove head first into the sand, and really hasn’t picked itself back up. Constant complaints about service, data speeds, and dropped calls mar the company’s potential. And, it’s time for a change. And with that change, AT&T asks you to please “Rethink Possible.”

First, there’s a surprise (at least, we think it’s a surprise): AT&T is no longer going to be focusing themselves as a monster in the wireless business. Instead, they want you to perceive the company as a jumping off point to a progressive, innovative lifestyle. Which, we’re curious as to what that, exactly, entails, but we’ll go ahead and give the old-timer the benefit of the doubt. Other changes in the rebranding include the dropping of the lower-case “at&t” from beneath the main logo, and it looks like the orange color scheme has been (finally) axed. No more ties to Cingular, it seems.

There will be a wider array of colors included in the rebranding, but those have yet to be divulged. Obviously, with a change this big, it’s going to take quite some time to get everything situated, and all the slogans changed on all the stores. However, more curious to us, is the fact that they’re changing again at all. AT&T to Cingular, back to AT&T, with several slogan changes, along with some color scheme alterations. How long will the customer base put up with this? We’ll just have to see if the lifestyle company gets any flak for this.

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