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AT&T to Stop Airing Anti-Verizon Ads, Verizon to Keep Airing Anti-AT&T Ads

Posted on April 14th, by Evan Selleck in archive. 1 Comment

Looks like AT&T is keeping their word when it comes to changing things around. As we reported earlier, the second largest wireless carrier is cleaning house, tagging a new “Rethink Possible” slogan, and getting a new color scheme. Apparently in the midst of all that, though, they’re also going to change the way they do their advertisements. Seeing as the currently run anti-Verizon campaign has cost the company a reported millions of dollars, we can see why they’d want to stop.

The new TV spots should focus more on the features of the wireless company as a whole, and not focus on the deficiencies of their largest competitor. Meaning, you’ll see more commercials that consist of people talking and surfing the Internet at the same time, and you’ll also get to see some mobile TV (MobiTV) in the works, too. It’s all going towards that “Rethink Possible” mission statement, and we’re just glad that Luke Wilson probably isn’t going to continue along for the ride.

As for Verizon, they’ve got some business advertisement in the works, but they’re not going to stop working on those anti-AT&T advertisements in the slightest. In fact, they plan to create new “There’s a Map for That” ads, striking grave blows at the minimal 3G footprint AT&T currently supplies to its customers. It’s good to see one company sticking to their ways, while another tries something different. The big question will be: which methodology will prevail?

[via Phone Scoop]

  • Guy

    I remember when it was Cingular and they had all those catchy ads for the GoPhone. They should try this kind of advertising strategy again, it works!