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AT&T to discontinue $20 unlimited pre-paid data

Posted on October 6th, by Budi Putra in archive. 2 comments

AT&T has decided to stop users abuse their unlimited pre-paid data service by tapping into it with their laptops. Yeah, the decision is totally make sense to save the business.

AT&T call center representatives in the GoPhone divison have confirmed to PhoneNews.com that the current $19.99 unlimited GoPhone data option on Pay As You Go service would be discontinued on November 12th, stating that the offering was meant as a trial exercise and that the company is exploring other options for prepaid data offerings.

[PhoneNews via Gizmodo]

  • john

    Not “discontinuing” — already discontinued. I was looking for it the other day on the pay as you go site, and it was gone. The lesser data rates are still there, though (5mb for $10, 1mb for $5). You can still get the 10mb for $15 and unlimited for $20 options on “pick your plan”, though.

    It’s a shame that they’ve dropped it from the pay as you go plans, though. I didn’t realize that they had finally offered unlimited nights and weekends (for $20) to the $1/day plan. $60/mo for unlimited messaging, unlimited M2M, unlimited N&W, and unlimited data. Good deal. That’s pretty much all I want right there (I make/receive very few day time calls, but I do a ton of messaging, about 50MB/mo of data, and lots of night/weekend calls … not because I watch the clock, just because that’s about when I’m available for social calls).

  • http://budiputra.com Budi Putra

    Thanks John for sharing.