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AT&T Attack T-Mobile 4G Network Claims

Posted on November 4th, by Effie Tjhai in archive. 2 comments

Remember the ads of myTouch 4G capacitive on its 4G network. In the commercial, AT&T was stomp all over by T-Mobile. But, today AT&T has taken a step forward and proclaimed war with T-Mobile. AT&T did pointed out they had their own HSPA+ network for awhile.

The assumption is T-Mobile are more careless on proving their 4G capability and only concentrate on the idea which based on consumer assumption numbers that 4 is higher than 3. It means 4 is faster and better than 3. As the result, currently T-Mobile has the fastest mobile network in the US. AT&T should drop this matter and moved on to proved T-Mobile was wrong by fixing all the mistakes that they made.

[via tmonews]

  • Adam12

    Dear Vincent,
    This article is a perfect example of the major problems currently plaguing R3 Media. Grammar and punctuation. This article reads like it was written by either a 4 year old or a genetically engineered monkey. Seriously though its pretty obvious that this was written by someone with limited English language skills.
    “AT&T was stomp all over” “AT&T did pointed out” Is the first sentence in the article a question?? I really can’t tell.

    Anyway I just wanted to let you know that its annoying. Its the main reason I stopped reading the slashphone articles for well over a year. For some reason I happened to surf this way tonight and this was my first impression…again. R3 Media does an OK job on the slashgear main sight but I thinks its fair to point out that when you are catering to an affluent English speaking audience grammar and punctuation can be inhibiting to retaining readers and fans.

    This is just my two cents. Feel free to send me any articles before publishing and I will edit them for you as needed. I would love to be part of the R3 team. That is if you aren’t too turned off by my above analogies.


  • Dihce

    “by Effie Tjhai on 04. Nov, 2010 ”

    I’m guessing it was written in another language and ran through a poorly written translating program…