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Android Gets New Update on RealPlayer

Posted on January 18th, by Effie Tjhai in archive. No Comments

RealPlayer was first introduced to Android users way back in June, 2010. The apps was welcomed greatly by Android users and as result, RealPlayer was download over a million times. Today, Android received a new update on RealPlayer.

Interesting enough, the new update was influenced by their users feedback. The apps has been changed entirely such as a redesigned home screen, a widget allowing playback from the home screen, enhanced graphics, a feature for videos and song removal, an improved way to select directories for music, videos and photos, landscape mode for music playback, music playback by directory folder, a quick way to hide video status bar, a selection for video aspect ratio, removal of the roulette wheel, and support for music playlists playback.

The RealNetworks team will always gladly take your opinion to improve RealPlayer. Now the update is available at Android Market.

[via AndroidCommunity]