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Android Firmware RC33 Changelog Details Available

Posted on February 4th, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive, featured. 23 comments

A check on the T-Mobile forum again today, Will (forum administrator) has managed to post the change log from the upcoming Android Firmware RC33 updates. The updates will add the ability of checking new software updates, save mms picture, google voice search and report comments in Android Market as spam. The Android Market will also display a “Updates Available” messaging when your installed application is updated. Some users have also reported to have received the updates over the air.



  • Comcast fails to download more than 1 email
    • Symptom(s): No error message but it stays on “Load More Messages” without ever pulling another email.
  • “Messages” Stability Issue
    • Symptom(s): When trying to send a message or exit the “Messaging” application you receive a pop up message that reads “Sorry! Activity Messaging (in application Messaging) is not responding. Force Close Wait”
  • WiFi forcing a logout of IM
    • Symptom(s): While using the IM clients on the G1 if you turn on or off WiFi the sessions are terminated and you will need to sign back in.
  • No reminders for calendar items.
    • Symptom(s): Missing appointments due to the lack of a reminder.
  • G1 hanging at the G1 Screen
    • Symptom(s): A small number of G1 devices hanging at the G1 screen during the initial power up.



New Features:

  • Support “Check For Upgrades” (New feature to check for system upgrades)
  • Voice Search (New Google feature for searching)
  • Ability to save pictures recieved as MMS
  • Ability to report offensive comments in the Market as SPAM

  • http://www.terwisscha.com Onno ter Wisscha

    Will the Maps application contain the Latitude fuctionality after updating?

  • Kim Poh Liaw

    not sure about this but the new google map for mobile can be downloaded at google.com/latitude with your mobile browser

  • Mike

    Actually you cant download it from google.com/latitude right now. All you’ll get is a Coming Soon on the page. No download link.

  • Kim Poh Liaw

    maybe not for Android smartphone but I have already downloaded the new google map on my Touch HD (windows mobile). I heard from someone at AndroidCommunity.com forum that it is included in the RC33 firmware!

  • Bphone

    @ Onno ter wiisscha

    Yes the google latitude is included in the firmware update.

  • Kyle

    Um…Battery life fix? Or maybe they just chose not to announce that to keep from admitting that it’s an issue.

  • http://www.terwisscha.com Onno ter Wisscha

    @Bphone I have the developer version of the G1. How do I stay up to date with firmware? Wait for a new SDK version? (The over the air updates from T-Mobile will be ignored by my phone)

  • Andrew

    On battery life, it’s not perfect by any means, but I have had a VERY noticeable improvement over time. I go 2 days per charge now (w/ BT on) as opposed to 8 hours when I first got the device.

  • jared

    I’m still on RC30, which shipped with the phone. How are you notified when you get an update?

  • Jeremy

    Why can’t we have apps installed on to a sd card?!

  • Robert

    There is a 1.1 firmware for the Developer phone. You can search for ADP 1.1 and should find links to it fairly easily.

  • Jeremy Jeffery

    Still no way to save e-mail attachments?

  • logicslayer

    @Jared: You will have a notification right below the notification bar.

    @Jeremy Jeffery: Nope. That still sucks.

  • Vully

    “Ability to save pictures recieved as MMS”
    Just tried it. Still doesnt have this feature. I have to use a 3rd party app to do it. GHEY!

  • meme

    wait no longer for RC33 update for G1 non rooted phones… click here http://forums.pinstack.com/showthread.php?s=9995f8dcfcd6cc55d9b033e3564480f8&p=1050783#post1050783

  • josh

    im in houston and i got my update yesterday.
    my g1 used to get hung after being on the browser for a while then going straight back to the home screen. and yes it has latitude, but none of my friends have it yet so its useless for now..

  • David

    Yeah, wish they would fix that issue with installing programs. Only having a few things installed and running out of space because you can’t install it to SD card is major draw back.

  • [spencer]

    It is longatude. I just got the update, everything here is true.

  • http://blog.tenkely.net Tenkely

    I can not seem to save MMS still. Anyone else having this issue after the update? If so, did you wait for the OTA or download and install RC33?

  • http://blog.tenkely.net Tenkely

    Never mind, I was long pressing the picture when I should have been long pressing in the white area next to it… my bad… heh

  • http://msn travis

    Camera now has video yahhhhh

  • marcus

    Now has virtual keyboard!!! I’m pumped

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