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Aircell Selects LTE as 4G Wireless Standard for Inflight Connectivity

Posted on July 22nd, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive. 1 Comment

Aircell announced its intention to base its fourth generation (4G) mobile broadband network on Long Term Evolution (LTE), the emerging standard for advanced mobile broadband networks and services. Aircell plans to deploy LTE to enable the next generation ultra-high bandwidth mobile services such as hi-definition and interactive TV and multi- player immersive gaming that passengers will come to expect.


“The 4G market is still evolving but one thing is for sure, passengers will want the same mobile broadband services in the air that they have on the ground,” stated Joe Cruz, CTO, Aircell. “Aircell’s choice of LTE ensures that our network will continue to support the services customers demand today and in the future. With LTE, Aircell’s Air-to-Ground (ATG) Inflight Internet technology is future-proofed.”

Currently the company is using an exclusive FCC frequency license, CDMA Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) Rev A protocol and network optimization and acceleration technology to deliver an effective data rate of more than 12 Mbps peak to Gogo-equipped aircraft. By the end of 2009, further advances in existing technologies will enable Aircell to deliver a raw data rate of up to 22.7 Mbps to aircraft. By the beginning of 2011, Aircell expects to deploy its 4G LTE network, which will enable a throughput of up to 300 Mbps to aircraft.

via [engadgetmobile]

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